Biographies | Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker – ‘The Happiness Engineer’

Understanding what it takes to overcome fear and self-doubt has been at the root of Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker’s personal transformation from school flunk, wayward youth, failed businessman and dying man, to healthy, wealthy entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business coach to FTSE 100 companies and personal mentor to corporate leaders, high performance sportspeople, disengaged children and life-serving prisoners.

Dubbed ‘The Happiness Engineer’ by a Channel 4 documentary, the many thousands who have witnessed Stalkie in action, virtually or in the flesh, are unlikely to forget the high energy, no-nonsense, humorous manner in which he shares his RAISE and THRIVE mindset, health and wellbeing principles to transform fear into power, barriers into benefits, and adversity into triumph.

His RAISE and THRIVE principles and methodology have been distilled through studying and working alongside an array of the world’s pre-eminent business leaders, executive educators, performance coaches, positive psychologists and critical thinkers for the last 30 years.

The methodology is delivered across all platforms by Stalkie, his super-experienced RAISE transformation team and network of associate experts.

With individual clients, Stalkie’s aim is to untap, nurture and focus their passion and potential on becoming the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives, whatever their starting point.

With organisations, Stalkie’s goal is to build blossoming cultures that pursue ‘good profits’ based on trust, core values, world class employee engagement, customer loyalty and sustainable growth, from turnarounds to start-ups and scale ups.

Biographies - Dawn Stalker, MD of the Raise Your Game Partnership

Biographies | Dawn Stalker – ‘The Boss’

As MD (and Stalkie’s better half), Dawn is the organisational and strategic heartbeat of the RAISE extended family. She is also a key interface with our clients.

With a 20-year, C-suite pedigree in magazine publishing, marketing and media (and Stalkie management), Dawn provides coaching, guidance and leadership to senior managers in start-up, scale-up and stable organisations across multi-industries including retail and technology, professional and financial services, marcom and creative, marine and public sector.

Dawn has a specialisation in talent management, job analysis and workforce planning, recruiting, performance management, employee development and engagement and internal projects regarding quality, marketing, and process improvement.

Biographies | Chris Humphreys – ‘The Chief Pragmatist’

Having spent 20 years as a sales director/publisher and 18 years earning his coaching stripes, Chris is a renowned personal and business communications coach. He is one of the originators of the ‘RAISE’ and ‘THRIVE’ approach to personal and business growth, development and practical positive psychology, as well as the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ operating model for engaging workforces to grow sustainable profit. He has authored three books in these fields.

His main areas of focus are engagement, culture and cultural turnaround, people development, 1-to-1 coaching, internal and external communication and customer relations.

An engaging facilitator and mediator across all environments, Chris particularly relishes running our RAISE Masterclass Groups. He also runs one of the largest community choirs in the country, hosting regular choral events.

Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh - Lifestyle Medicine Consultant working with Paul 'Stalkie' Stalker

Biographies | Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh – Health Creation Consultant

Dr Rosy Daniel is one of Britain’s leading Lifestyle Medicine Consultants. Initially specialising in the holistic support of those with cancer, she now offers proactive healthcare to all to support the primary and secondary prevention of illness and the regeneration of positive health and happiness.

She has pioneered holistic health and wellbeing coaching and consultancy in the UK with a unique approach known as ‘Life Energy Management’, working with clients to change lifestyles, workstyle and health behaviours which are harming their health and well-being. She has worked with over 5000 individuals and 50 organisations including businesses, schools and hospitals to help achieve the health goals that benefit them personally and professionally.

Dr Rosy has a private Integrative Medicine practice in Bath. She formerly practised at the Harley Street Oncology Centre, London. She has authored seven books on cancer and its prevention, lecturing and broadcasting nationally and internationally.

Biographies | Neil Mundell-Phipps – ‘The Chief Happiness Officer’

Biographies | Neil Mundell-Phipps – ‘The Chief Happiness Officer’

Neil’s role is key relationship partner with our clients. He has over 20 years’ experience in the area of human development from learning and talent management to leadership development and employee engagement.

This expertise has been gained in various industries and at all levels. He has a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience in learning analysis, design, delivery and evaluation for numerous programmes, He is a great coach (Master NLP and Timeline Practitioner) and has a personal passion for human engagement and emotional connections, all of which he has used in professional and personal situations.

Neil has a passionate, driven personality that he brings to the playing field on all occasions. He likes nothing better than meeting people, business leaders and discussing what is at the heart of their business, all the successes they are facing and looking at potential concerns and then working together to find innovative, exciting and sustainable solutions.