Club THRIVE in 2021

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Banish the lockdown blues and stress. Optimise va-va-voom. Ignite personal power. Be the best you in 2021.

Your Investment: 75 minutes a week to create 365 days of health and happiness

  • £37 monthly subscription, paid monthly OR…
  • …£297 SUPER DEAL annual subscription, one-off payment in advance (34% discount)

What’s the outcome of Club THRIVE?

For Self:

  • Replace lockdown blues and anxiety with self-care, self-belief and resilience
  • Make positive steps towards personal fulfilment, happiness and resilience
  • RAISE your physical health, vitality and lust for life
  • Enjoy rich relationships – at home, work, in your social and community life
  • Be a role model to others and lead the way through the C-19 fog

For Corporates:

  • High productivity and sales
  • Rich colleague and customer relationships
  • High customer satisfaction, retention, spend and recommendation
  • Enhanced team dynamic and culture
  • High organisational citizenship
  • Low attrition. Low absenteeism. Less disputes. Less shrinkage

What’s the purpose of Club THRIVE in 2021?:

100+ years of robust data (reported by organisations such as Gallup) has proven that in times of adversity and renewal:

  • Individuals need to practise self-care and engagement in order to sustain personal growth, fulfilment, happiness and develop resilience
  • Businesses need to inspire their colleagues to practise self-care and engagement in order to sustain productivity, performance and exponential growth

The pillars of ENGAGEMENT are the 4 C’s – connection, communication, coaching and care.

Club THRIVE’s webinars deliver the 4 C‘s by co-piloting our participants’ mindset, health, happiness and wellbeing through the uncertainties of lockdown and restrictions of remote working, towards peak personal performance and productivity.

Membership of Club THRIVE is a small investment yielding a huge return in human capital.

Club THRIVE in 2021: 3 weekly webinars for a year, starting when you would like it.  A year comprises 4 x 10-week terms if you join mid-year you roll over to the next term until you have been with us for a year.

Exclusive weekly 75-minute injections of game-changing mental and physical health hacks, backed by 75+ years of our team’s proven scientific and positive psychology research and application:

Webinars, live or on demand. Plus weekly digital resources, ongoing support group and community:

  • Motivation Monday (8.30am GMT): 15-minute Stalkie turbo-charge to start your week
  • Wellbeing Wednesday (Midday GMT): 45-minute work-out for the mind, body and soul – education, insights, and practical tools to apply in your daily life
  • Feelgood Friday (8.30am GMT): 15-minute happiness booster


Brought to you by the renowned RAISE Team. Led by Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker, Channel 4’s ‘Happiness Engineer’, mindset supremo, transformational life and business coach and Dr Rosy Daniel, one of the UK’s leading Lifestyle Doctors and Health Creation expert.