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Leading the Way
June 3, 2020
Employee Engagement in the Digital Workplace
June 25, 2020
Leadership in a Remote World. Big picture leadership decisions made today will impact how people see your company for years to come.

Leadership in a Remote World

Big picture leadership decisions made today will impact how people see your company for years to come.

Every leader I’ve had the privilege to support through the last few months will be familiar with this mantra:

More than ever, your followers are looking to you for trust, compassion, stability, hope and inspiration

Rooted in decades of Gallup research and data around leadership in adversity, these are the qualities proven to resonate most when leaders need to engage colleagues, customers and community.

In addition, when your business has a defined purpose and core values – the golden thread running throughout your culture – it becomes easier to make the right choices, to define and communicate a clear plan of action which will cement internal and external brand loyalty.

With core values flourishing throughout the business, the rule for your colleagues becomes, ‘before you ask me permission for something, just consult our Core Values first’.

This is a win-win; it gives leaders and managers the confidence to delegate and hold colleagues accountable, trusting they know the right things to do when faced with a decision, a challenge or an ethical dilemma. It allows management to work on the business, to reflect and to innovate. It also promotes wellbeing by increasing your colleagues’ sense of belonging, building their confidence and capabilities.

This is particularly powerful in remote working environments.

When a large retail client faced a double-whammy challenge around colleague and customer engagement in a tricky trading environment, we contributed to a culture transformation process which started with clarifying its core values, purpose, mission and vision. By reducing the number of disengaged colleagues from 1 in 3 to 1 in 7, the business liberated an estimated £100 million of resources that had been previously burned on paying salaries to disengaged staff.

Do your leadership and management teams lead by example? Do their behaviours and decisions align with your Core Values?

Or are you batting at the national average, in which just 41% of employees strongly agree that they know what their company stands for, and only 27% strongly agree that they believe in their organisation’s values?

The Raise Your Game Partnership specialises in helping business leaders create happy workplace cultures based around outstanding communication, which in turn creates happy customers, sustainable profits and happy shareholders.

If you would like to join our current cohort of 35+ companies who meet every week to collaborate, share ideas and best practise around innovating and leading their colleagues in a remote environment:

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