Rid Your Kids of Anxiety & support kids to ease their return back to school and to help them enjoy richness of physical and social interactions.
Rid Your Kids of Anxiety
March 12, 2021
What is Poor Mental Health REALLY Costing Your Business
What is Poor Mental Health REALLY Costing Your Business?
March 29, 2021

Now That’s What We Call Older Skool!

After 30+ years of applying our practical #mindset and #wellbeing toolbox to people of all ages and businesses of all types, my RAISE team and I have positively transformed tens of thousands of lives.

No more so than our blossoming Club THRIVE webinars and simple to use digital resources.

Our outcomes for our Club THRIVE members are:

  • Replace anxiety and uncertainty with positivity, self-care, self-belief and resilience
  • Promote practical physical health, energy and lust for life
  • Enhance and encourage rich relationships at home, work, socially and in the community
  • Become a role model to others and lead the way through the lifting C-19 fog
  • Connect and enjoy life!

It’s proving wonderful for many of our more senior members and boy, do we learn a thing or two about resilience and gratitude in return. Here’s just a few of our beauties:

If you want to help conquer life’s anxieties and lead your family, friends and colleagues through it too, all it takes is just 75 minutes per week.

For strategies, tips, resources and support galore, join our ever-growing Club THRIVE community today. AND, here’s 1 MONTH FREE for starters!

Club THRIVE in 2021

Or message chris@rygp.co.uk, or call 01425 476737.



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