Become A RAISE Coach in 90 Days. Find out how our colleague Ade transformed his life to become a RAISE Life Coach. #mindset #lifecoaching
Become A Raise Coach in 90 Days
March 5, 2021
Now That's What We Call Older Skool! my RAISE team and I have positively transformed tens of thousands of lives. One Month FREE!
Now That’s What We Call Older Skool!
March 18, 2021
Rid Your Kids of Anxiety & support kids to ease their return back to school and to help them enjoy richness of physical and social interactions.

Rid Your Kids of Anxiety

A recent NHS Digital Survey shows an increase of 6% in probable mental health problems reported in children aged 5-16 in England since the pandemic hit. Of these, 18% felt fearful of leaving the house due to Covid-19.

So how can we support anxious kids to ease their return back to school (with C-19 testing as part of the new curriculum) and to enjoy the richness of physical, social interactions?

After 30 years applying practical positive psychology with people of all ages and businesses of all types, myself and my wonderful RAISE team have a proven toolbox of tips you can share with your kids to curb anxiety and THRIVE. Here’s just a few:

If you want to conquer life’s anxieties and lead your family, friends and colleagues through it too, all it takes is just 75 minutes per week.

For strategies, tips, resources and support galore, join our ever-growing Club THRIVE community today. AND, here’s 1 MONTH FREE for starters!

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Rid You Kids of Anxiety