For 30+ years, Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker and the RAISE team have transformed the lives of several thousand individuals, and several hundred businesses. We tap into the DNA of outstanding people and world class businesses, capture the sequences, model them and share our learnings via our renowned RAISE coaching programmes.

Our sweet spot is our deep-rooted understanding of the science and psychology of human health and behaviour, aligned with our intuitive, savvy personal and corporate application.

Our suite of RAISE mindset, health and wellbeing webinar programmes prevent, re-set and solve the stubbornest of mindsets, behaviours and cultures. We set human potential free, nurture it, focus it and allow it to flourish. At home and in the workplace. In short, we believe:

Mental/physical health + engagement = productivity + performance


If you want 2021 to be the year you optmise your mindset, health and wellbeing, you are in the right place.

2020 was a year of change and uncertainty many have never known before.  My mission, using my super-current RAISE and THRIVE tools, is to movitate and inspire your power to become the architect, builder and owner of the most fulfilled and happy life you could wish for.

To transform and lead positive change in yourself and those you care for.


Founder - Carphone Warehouse, Exec. Chairman TalkTalk

Sir Charles Dunstone

Through a process of improving motivation and introducing coherent strategies, and combining this with pro-active behaviour, he achieved an increase in sales of 250% within 180 days with the target product.

Founder, Philantropist, Author - Richer Sounds

Julian Richer

Paul’s approach to staff motivation is as far as I know, unique in the UK and would benefit any organisation.

Chairman - Carphone Warehouse, Founder Partner, Freston Ventures

Andrew Harrison

One of the great things Paul has given me is courage. Courage to do the right things, as a business leader, is incredibly hard because it’s million and millions of pounds of decisions that you make. He’s given me the courage to believe that I want to create a legacy, and a business that people are incredibly proud to work in.’

England Rugby World Cup Winning Captain

Martin ‘Johnno’ Johnson CBE

Stalkie’s unique understanding of human nature and what makes people tick puts him at the top of the life coaching tree. He knows what it takes to make people excel… and to win!

CEO - Entreprenuer

Frank Shivers

Stalkie gave me the belief in myself that I never had! I was an average pub landlord destined for an average life because I didn’t believe I could get any better. Stalkie literally lifted me up and changed my life path. The path started with winning publican of the year. It then moved to owning a group of bars and restaurants. I also ran for Westminster as an MP. Since then I have owned several companies and am now working as a director/shareholder with a Fortune 500 company! My family and friends relationships have never been more important due to my focus on “loving the day” I can never thank you enough!

Founder - Encourage Coaching. Ex Retail Director, Sofa Workshop

Mark Elliott

Paul is a remarkable man, he is genuine, authentic and an incredible coach and mentor. Paul has the rare ability to inspire large numbers of people whilst applying a personal touch. Paul lives and breathes his values, he is an extremely kind and generous man who only wishes to help people reach their best.





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