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Engagement + Wellbeing

= Productivity + Performance

= Productivity + Performance

For 25+ years, Paul ‘Stalkie’ Stalker and his RAISE team have transformed the lives of several thousand individuals and several hundred businesses.

We tap into the DNA of outstanding people and world class businesses, capture the sequences, model them and share our learnings in person and online via our renowned RAISE coaching programmes.

Our sweet spot is our deep-rooted understanding of the science and psychology of human motivation and wellbeing, aligned with savvy, intuitive tools that can be quickly applied and embedded in your daily routines.

Our suite of RAISE wellbeing, engagement and performance programmes for individuals and businesses stop and solve the stubbornest of mindsets, behaviours and cultures.

We set human potential free, nurture it, focus it and allow it to flourish at home and in the workplace. In short, we believe:

Engagement + Wellbeing = Productivity + Performance

Nice words from real and cherished RAISE customers…

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Stalkie gave me the belief in myself that I never had! I was an average pub landlord destined for an average life because I didn’t believe I could get any better.  RAISE literally lifted me up and changed my life. The path started with winning Publican of the Year. It then moved on to owning a group of bars and restaurants. I also ran for Westminster as an MP, became a director/shareholder of a Fortune 500 company and have owned several companies.

Frank Shivers, CEO & Entrepreneur - Customer of RAISEFrank Shivers, CEO & Entrepreneur

Following my own miraculous recovery from a lifetime of chronic illness using a holistic health model and life coaching of which RAISE has been a vital part, I was motivated to use my 2 decades of being a nurse to retrain as a health and wellness consultant. The amazing RAISE programme has given me the kickstart and clarity I needed to bring the vision for my business alive!.

Sally-Anne Dall - The Regeneration Nurse - Customer of RAISESally-Ann Dall, The Regeneration Nurse
Learning how to overcome blocks and fears has made me a new woman. For the first time in my life I can see a clear and positive future. I now have a thriving business educating, motivating and supporting people dealing with mental, emotional and physical challenges in creating the life they deserve. Stalkie, his team and the RAISE programmes have been my rocks in achieving this.
Jess Adshead - Golden Bear Therapies - Customer of RAISEJess Adshead, Owner, Golden Bear Therapies

Paul is a remarkable man – genuine, authentic and an incredible coach and mentor. I have benefited greatly from Paul’s guidance and appreciate his tried,  tested approach. He is an extremely kind and generous man who only wishes to help people reach their best. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any business  small or large looking to improve engagement, customer satisfaction and financial results.

Mark Elliott - Ex Retail Director Sofa Workshop, Leadership & Personal Coachs - Customer of RAISEMark Elliott, Ex Retail Director Sofa Workshop, Leadership & Personal Coach

You have to try Stalkie to believe and see the reaction you get in colleagues because it is absolutely transformational. He has made a real difference to our business but done it for the right reasons because he absolutely unlocks the potential in people rather than teach them to be better robots for the company.

Sir Charles Dunstone - Founder, Carphone Warehouse - Customer of RAISESir Charles Dunstone, Founder, Carphone Warehouse

One of the great things Paul has given me is courage. Courage to do the right things, as a business leader, is incredibly hard because its millions and millions of  pounds of decisions that you make. He’s given me the courage to believe that I want to create a legacy and a business that people are incredibly proud to work in.

Andrew Harrison - Chairman Carphone Warehouse, Chairman WHOCANFIXMYCAR.COM, Founder Partner Freston Road Venutures - Customer of RAISEAndrew Harrison, Chairman Carphone Warehouse, Chairman WHOCANFIXMYCAR.COM, Founder Partner Freston Road Venutures

The RAISE programme played a part in reducing the number of disengaged colleagues from 1 in 3 to 1 in 7, liberating an estimated £100M in resources here.

Martyn Phillips - Ex HR Director, B&Q - Customer of RAISEMartyn Phillips, Ex HR Director, B&Q. Chair, Premiership Rugby England

What RAISE Academy deliver is a program that allows you to drive your business from the base, which is the right staff engaging in the right way with customers.

Sir Ian Cheshire, Ex-Chair Kingfisher PLC - Customer of RAISESir Ian Cheshire , Ex-Chair, Kingfisher PLC. Ex-Chair, Barclays UK. Non-Exec Director, Cabinet Office Board

The RAISE programme for Vice Presidents and Managing Directors in our business not only helped mindsets but increased business performance with an uplift in sales, margin and conversion ratios on finance transactions in the global business.

J.P.Morgan, J.P.Morgan

The RAISE programmes have been invaluable in a challenging period of pivot and growth. It’s helped us set a number of key foundations such as our core values, driving the behaviours we expect from our people, how we communicate with our customers, what our USPs and market differentiators are.

SME & Team, Fintech Start-Up

After 20 years running a business, we had reached a lull in our focus and engagement. Attending RAISE Your Game has brought a breath of fresh air into myself and my business. We’ve reinvigorated colleagues throughout all levels of the company.

CEO & Team, National fostering company

Working with Stalkie and crew gives me the opportunity to open my mind and to be more imaginative in my personal and work life.

AB, Company Director & Mum

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