RAISE Your Game

RAISE Your Game for Individuals & Businesses. Are you happy with your present stage of mind, body and soul? Learn how to be your own best coach.

Are you happy with your present stage of

mind, body and soul?

mind, body and soul?

Do you have abundant mental, physical and emotional energy on a daily basis?

Are you making the very best things happen at home, work, rest and play – for yourself and those around you – no matter what challenges you have?

Now, with our brand new 10-module RAISE Your Game (aka The Winning Mindset) programme, you can follow in the footsteps of 1000’s of happy people who have learned how to be their own best coach by practically embedding 90+ science-based positive psychology strategies, tools and tips into their lives.


  • Understand the relationship between their mindset, habits and wellbeing
  • Learn how to banish harmful negative emotions such as fear, stress, uncertainty and anxiety
  • Learn how to promote positive emotions and behaviours such as gratitude, self-belief, self-motivation and looking for the good which all trigger nature’s finest body-enhancing chemicals
  • Develop a personal lifestyle based around:
    • A sense of purpose and values
    • Emotional resilience and mindfulness
    • Energy management, physical fitness and lust for life
    • Eating, sleeping and relaxing right
    • Empathy, rapport, meaningful communication
    • Rich and rewarding relationships at home, work, in social and community life
    • Happiness and fulfilment
    • Being a role model to others and leading the way


  • World class colleague engagement and wellbeing
  • A dynamic culture based on accountability and collaboration
  • High customer satisfaction, retention, spend and recommendation
  • Rich relationships through the business
  • Increased productivity and sales
  • High organisational citizenship
  • Low attrition
  • Low absenteeism
  • Less disputes
  • Less shrinkage

The  programme consists of 10 x 90 minute action-packed courses, offering a blend of live, on-demand and self-directed material – all of which can be used straight away in your personal and working day.

Whether you prefer live, individual or peer-to-peer learning sessions with a RAISE Mentor, OR self-directed online learning, our RAISE Academy digital platform gives you the option to learn at your own pace and style.

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