Inspiring and Supporting

Individuals & Businesses to THRIVE, including:

Individuals & Businesses to THRIVE

At RAISE, there is one simple question we ask every individual and every business client…

…what do you need to stop, start and do more of to create and sustain optimum health?’

Find out what RAISE can do for you!

For an individual ‘optimum health’ refers to mindset, health and wellbeing.

For a business ‘optimum health’ refers not only to the mindset, health and wellbeing of their staff, but also to the generation of ‘healthy profit’.

Healthy profit is earned with enthusiastic engagement from colleagues and customers alike. Its foundations are built upon a sequence of high quality, trustful relationships, accountability and processes which inspire loyalty and promote sustainable growth.

Unhealthy profit is earned at the expense of colleagues and customers. It is often the result of prescribing short-term strategies and tactics (we call them ‘corporate steroids’) that can burn out employees and alienate customers.

We believe that thriving businesses and thriving families share similar core values, dynamics and accountabilities. Businesses absolutely need to engage the hearts and minds of every colleague. They need to care passionately for their development, their mindset, health and wellbeing (even more so in the shadow of the pandemic and the shift to hybrid working).

Our RAISE mindset, wellbeing and business programmes tackle the challenges that individuals and businesses need to own if they truly desire happiness, fulfilment and high-performance.

So if you are an individual or a business in need of RAISING your game in 2022 and beyond, please contact us now to arrange a free of charge, no obligation chemistry meeting with you.

For the last 25+ years, Stalkie and the RAISE team have transformed the lives of several thousand high performing individuals and several hundred teams in sport and business by tapping into the DNA of outstanding people and world class organisations which has allowed RAISE to capture and model their successful sequences and share learnings in person, live in situ and online via RAISE coaching programmes.

RAISE coaches understand the science and practical psychology of human motivation and wellbeing and align this with intuitive tools that can be quickly applied and embedded in the daily routines of teams whether in business or sport.

What our RAISE Clients say

What RAISE Academy deliver is a program that allows you to drive your business from the base, which is the right staff engaging in the right way with customers.

Sir Ian Cheshire, Ex-Chair, Kingfisher PLC. Ex-Chair, Barclays UK. Non-Exec Director, Cabinet Office Board

The RAISE programme for Vice Presidents and Managing Directors in our business not only helped mindsets but increased business performance with an uplift in sales, margin and conversion ratios on finance transactions in the global business.

J.P. Morgan, J.P. Morgan

The RAISE programmes have been invaluable in a challenging period of pivot and growth. It’s helped us set a number of key foundations such as our core values, driving the behaviours we expect from our people, how we communicate with our customers, what our USPs and market differentiators are.

SME & Team, Fintech Start-Up

After 20 years running a business, we had reached a lull in our focus and engagement. Attending RAISE Your Game has brought a breath of fresh air into myself and my business. We’ve reinvigorated colleagues throughout all levels of the company.

CEO & Team, National fostering company

Working with Stalkie and crew gives me the opportunity to open my mind and to be more imaginative in my personal and work life.

AB, Company Director and Mum