My friend Julian Richer has always been an inspiration to me in both my business and personal life.

When I was struggling with an aggressive form of cancer, Julian introduced me to a marvelous holistic clinic that saved my life.

He then put me on the road to business recovery by taking me into the record-breaking retail business that he built from scratch and teaching me ‘The Richer Way’, the principles of which still underpin much of my approach to coaching sustainable, ethically profitable businesses.

Last Friday, Julian brought more magic to my life again, to the friends I was with and to 5000 others at the Royal Albert Hall, where we went to see his band play a rousing gig supporting Jools Holland

Give more than you wish to receive

Julian doesn’t cut corners when it comes to caring. Whatever hat he is wearing – entrepreneurial, social or philanthropic – he proactively seeks to give more to others than he wishes to receive. When he finally retires from Richer Sounds, he’s even handing over all the shares in the business to his work colleagues, lock stock and barrel.

Richar SoundsThe Authentic Approach to Business

This authentic approach has created Julian a raving fan base of mega-engaged colleagues, loyal customers, life-long friends and now rock fans! It has enabled him to enjoy a well-deserved, fulfilling life.

Making magic happen takes determination, effort and discipline. Keep in touch, be the instigator and the facilitator for those that care for you, those you care for and those who need caring for. And your life will be all the Richer too.

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Raise Your Game!