..Just ask Bruce!

Say the name ‘Bruce’ and it will conjure up some pretty powerful and inspiring people – Springsteen, Lee, Willis, Wayne (aka Batman), Robert the Bruce …heroes all.

Now we would like you to meet our Bruce. Bruce Fitzgerald. He is a director of a retailer that is a familiar name on almost every High Street and in the community in the UK and Ireland.

Bruce is RAISE Your Game’s Hero of the Month. Not just because he has kindly given us a truly heart-warming A* testimonial (the cheque is in the post Bruce), but for having the courage to look in the mirror and to dig deep into his flagging reserves of energy and passion to turn his struggling business around – not just for himself, but for his whole team and his customers.

Faced with all the things that were going wrong within his business – disorganisation, low morale, a blame culture, staff absenteeism, erratic customer service, ailing business performance (any of these challenges sound familiar to you?) – most people would’ve gone from Specsavers, but not our Bruce.

With a little support from RAISE, Bruce has ‘re-framed’ and transformed both his personal and business approach, whilst remaining true to his company’s vision of changing lives through better sight and hearing.

We’d like you to listen to Bruce’s story and to RAISE your glasses to him. We salute you Bruce, a hero of the High Street. In the words of another famous Bruce – ‘didn’t he do well!’.

Can’t see the wood for the trees? If any of Bruce’s challenges resonate with you and your business, the RAISE team would love the opportunity of exploring how a RAISE Business Diagnostic can support you towards 20/20 vision.

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