Did the new year trigger your desire to re-evaluate and set about changing a few aspects of your life? What about remaining focused on the things that already motivate your mojo, and the things that keep your personal or business ‘brand’ engaging and relevant to others?

I’m a great buyer of Stephen Covey’s words of wisdom, ‘The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing’, but in the bluster of everyday task and activity, it’s not always obvious to identify what your ‘main thing’ is- or to keep it the main thing.

In January, The Extra Mile team gathered together for a ‘main thing’ day – a self-diagnosis on the work we are currently undertaking, what prospects and opportunities are on the table for the year ahead, and which of these align with our core values, our purpose and our ‘BHAG’ (our big hairy, audacious goal). The session was an eye opener!

Whilst there were many projects that were satisfyingly on point and ticking all our professional and personal goals, there were also things that were clearly diverting our time, energy and resources from our mutually agreed main things. After a few hours of honest evaluation and sometimes tough conversation, we resolved to remove the rogue elements from our workflow. We emerged from the session refreshed and chomping at the bit to crack on with what the year had in store.

We highly recommend you do the same. It’s educational and liberating! So much so, that I’m prepared to prove to you how this process could be the differentiator for you and your teams.

Why not pitch us to win a free half day Extra Mile diagnostic on an aspect of your business that needs aligning to your ‘main thing’? It’s a Stalkie specialism. Best pitch to my colleague chris@extragroup.co.uk or 07903 009569 by April 9th wins.