Channel 4’s Motivation Guru Offers Resources to Leaders

Do you wish to brilliantly be Leading the Way and supporting your teams out of lockdown and well beyond?

Whether you lead and support a family, a friendship group, a social or community group, a public organisation or private business – there are 4 things your teams need from you right now:

  • Compassion
  • Stability
  • Trust
  • Hope and inspiration for the future*

*Jim Clifton, Chairman & CEO, Gallup quoting the findings of Gallup’s biggest global study on ‘What Follower’s Want’ on March 17 2020.

I have already helped hundreds of leaders to fulfil all the above with their teams by Leading the Way.

During this period of cascading change, my desire is to encourage hundreds more by equipping you and your teams with the knowledge and daily tools to banish anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity, be on top of your mental and physical health, to innovate and embrace transition.

Understanding what it takes to overcome adversity, self-doubt and fear has been at the root of my personal journey from educational misfit, wayward youth, failed businessman and dying man, to iron man, motivational speaker, business and personal coach to corporate leaders and elite athletes, and mentor to disengaged children, students and life-serving prisoners.

‘YOU CAN RAISE YOUR GAME!’ is my ground-breaking interactive reading and audio-visual experience which distils my 30 years of study and practical experience of positive psychology into the 10 principles that underpin emotional and physical wellbeing, self-motivation and personal fulfilment.

Accompanied by a free RAISE AR app, every reader can use their smartphone to scan barcodes in the book and access 100+ unique videos demonstrating how to use the 10 principles to take charge of their physical and emotional wellbeing Leading the Way – no matter what your personal starting point is.

You Can Raise Your Game Now! will help your teams to:

  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Innovate, motivate and inspire
  • Build self-belief and make great decisions
  • Look for the good in yourself and others
  • Communicate powerfully and empathetically
  • Identify and build strengths, manage weaknesses
  • Be true to your core values
  • Achieve optimum health and vitality