Understanding what it takes to overcome fear and self-doubt has been at the root of Stalkie’s personal transformation from school flunk, wayward youth, failed businessman and dying man, to healthy, wealthy entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business coach to FTSE 100 companies and personal mentor to corporate leaders, high performance sportspeople, disengaged children and life-serving prisoners.

For over a year, Stalkie has been collaborating with his Extra Mile colleague Chris to overhaul and update his Raise Your Game Now! book, to distil and formalise the latest thinking and research around the principles that underpin emotional and physical wellbeing, self-pleasure and peak performance.

Crammed with scientific references, interviews, exercises and case studies in practical positive psychology, April will see the release of Raise Your Game Now! 2.0 (see what we did there with the title?!) which explores the belief that we all have various degrees of self-imposed limitations and we are all bound to encounter challenges and change in life. At one end of the spectrum we can default to handling these limitations and challenges using a blame/proscrastination/victim mentality; at the other end of the spectrum, we can default to a welcome/action/hero mentality.

As stimulus-response beings, the choice is ours. Choosing our attitude and then reflecting that attitude in our behaviour will dictate where we are positioned on the spectrum.

Through understanding some of the universal principles and drivers that govern behaviour, and learning some simple, positive ‘Raise Your Game Now! 2.0’ mindset tools, we can all stack up our self-believe, become accountable for our actions and empower ourselves to transform fear into power, barriers into benefits and to become role models for our families, friends, colleagues and communities.

The book is accompanied by a FREE APP which readers can download, enabling them to hover their mobile phone over a number QR codes printed throughout the book and watch a series of specially filmed Raise Your Game Now! 2.0 videos on the screen in front of them. Yes, you’ll have a mini Stalkie in your very hands! Now there’s a thing.

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