Rounding off the year by visiting my clients is always more powerful than just sending them a Christmas card and a wee gift.

I make sure we take time to look back together to see how far we’ve come during the year and to celebrate our successes.

There have already been so many delightful moments to treasure. There’s the hydraulics engineer whose first order was for £200 and is now quoting for £250k orders. There’s the British shipyard that started from scratch 3 years ago and has now completed the design and build of 10 high speed aluminum ferries for a global market. There’s the young apprentice who has nailed his personal demons and is in line for a new year promotion because of the outstanding attitude and value he brings to his workplace.

When you succeed or do something you enjoy, make it a habit to reinforce the joyous feelings associated with it; video it, record it, write it down. Create a memory bank of good feelings and learning experiences that you can always call upon. It is truly empowering.

When you experience the power of focusing on your achievements, share your knowledge. Loved ones, family, friends, team mates and colleagues all benefit from praise and love, but remember to start with yourself and catch yourself doing things right!

It’s the best addiction you can have.

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Raise Your Game!