So we’re a two weeks and a bit into the year. How are you doing on your New Year Resolution? Moreover – why did you make one (or ten)? Was there a huge change in your life, like a Lottery Win or a divorce. More than likely your answer is ‘no’. January 1st is just another day – just like the day before and the day before that…

Look at what you have done previously – when you’ve gone on a diet or left a job. The reason? Because you have hit a threshold, probably your pain threshold. You couldn’t take the boredom, the boss, the pay any more so you jacked it all in. Perhaps you hit a threshold towards the end of December – you ate and drank soooo much you felt bloated, slow, lifeless and pasty! Perhaps spending all week with the other half made you realize that you really aren’t right for each other anymore and it’s time to move on!

Now, let’s not look at your ‘New Year Resolution’ as just that any more. You’ve just decided you are better than this and now is as good a time as any to change circumstances and, ergo, your destiny.

Forget the short term pleasure of a bar of chocolate, the pint of beer, the comfy sofa and an episode of Corrie (I know it’s hard) and think about the long term pain of those extra pounds that eating in excess and not exercising will bring about.

Maybe it’s not food that’s your Achilles heel – where in your life do you deserve better or are worth more?

So what if it’s January 18th or August 8th – you can change your future any time.

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Love the day because we are not going to get it back.