How to Make 35,000 Best Decisions a Day

Did you know you make around 35,000 remotely conscious decisions every day?

Taking on board the frequency, magnitude and consequences of our decisions, is it any wonder that we sometimes get fazed and decision-fatigued…or that we take the path of least resistance and make duff decisions?

The decisions you make and the actions or deeds that they lead to, are all related to the personal needs you have to fulfil in your daily life to ensure your balance and happiness.

As part of their compelling THRIVE Mindset, Health and Wellbeing webinar programme, Stalkie and Dr Rosy Daniel, the UK’s foremost Health Creation consultant, discuss the science behind decision making and teach us the secrets of ensuring we consistently make the best ones. Here are some of Stalkie’s headline hacks:

You make your best decisions when:

  • Your facts are right – measure twice, cut once
  • You’ve asked yourself the benefits, the risk, the consequence
  • Serotonin is at its natural high, ie in the morning
  • You are in an oxygen rich environment and not brain-fatigued
  • Your physical desires such as hunger, thirst or sexual arousal are low
  • You are your own coach – what advice would you give somebody else facing the same decision?
  • You don’t over think the smaller decisions – the more time you dwell, the less your brain buys-in to your decision
  • You allow meditation and sleep to engage your subconscious mind before the bigger decisions
  • You under promise, over deliver
  • You focus on what you feel (when you visualise the positive outcome you desire, you’re twice as likely to succeed)
  • You frame and affirm your decision with positive self-talk
  • You remember it’s far better to act and learn than not act at all

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How to Make 35,000 Best Decisions a Day